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The complete suite for metrology

Welcome to  the ARCOCAD family: the complete suite for metrology.
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), articulated arms, laser tracker, laser radar, and many other high-precision metrological devices in a single package.

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The solution for all metrology needs

ArcoCAD allows you to import CAD data files in IGES format. Other optional series of native CAD are available:






Thanks to an advanced feature extraction you can easily choose the element from the CAD, set the nominal, define the measuring path, and measure.

The alignment can be created in several ways with a preview of the CAD area. This reduces drastically the editing time due to alignment errors.
ArcoCAD handles all the free-form alignments: both Best-Fit and RPS are managed to solve the sheet metal and plastic alignment requirements.

ArcoCAD alignment

With ArcoCAD the generation of measure path of a part, even without the CAD model definition, is very easy and quick. A series of useful tools for part programming includes:
- the automatic generation of measuring path from CAD surfaces
- strategies to easily measure any feature
- the possibility to switch rapidly status from CMM to offline to obtain a complete simulation of the measuring cycle

Moreover, it is possible to save project with a complete set of parameters:
- DMIS program
- CAD input data file
- Reporting options (graphical outputs)
- Icons for a quick selection of the program
- Images for an easily part identification
- Description of probe mounting

ArcoCAD allows the application of geometrical tolerances in accordance with international standards. 
It is possible to define the data reference frame for each tolerance range using specific tools to define each material's minimum and maximum tolerance.
The tolerance data may be directly sent to the program or shown in a preview to allow a quick analysis of the part.


In addition, ArcoCAD fully supports the I++ standard protocol, enabling the software to be compliant with all controllers supporting the standard independently from the manufacturer.

ArcoCAD allows you to generate different types of reports: textual, graphical, with table and callouts, reports automatically generated in Excel format using a fully customized template.

The Metrology Gate integration brings ArcoCAD and your CMM to Industry 4.0. This package allows to monitoring machine parameters, SPC, and further reporting options.

ArcoGEAR is the additional module of ArcoCAD that allows you to measure different gear modules.
A simple wizard helps you in the creation of the gear module.

GEAR User Manual

You can set all gear parameters (Lead measurement, Picth measurement, W dimension) and standard (DIN, ISO, AGMA).

GEAR User Manual3