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Interactive training support


In order to improve and optimize the use of ARC we have operated on the ability to disclose. Well then the classic documentation with ARCO included with any system (online help), we set up an optional kit that includes: physical demo piece aluminum , 3D CAD model of the particular 2D dimensioned drawing of the same, guided exercises for solving typical problems

The kit consists of:

* The piece machined aluminum, which encompass all the major series of dimensional inspection, which usually are called to respond. Were carried out both parts defined in simple geometry: planes, cylinders, holes, etc., in both geometries defined by: free surfaces, edges, edge and so on.

* 3D CAD model. The piece is made available to the CAD model in IGES - CATIA 5.

* 2D drawing. The 2D drawing of the piece brings together in a more detailed manner possible modes of dimension used. E 'possible to find both ISO dimensioning dimensioning ANSI. There are also examples of dimension to the definition of reference systems RPS.

* For each year you have: a video that shows various steps by which you run the same, the program already built and ready to run complete with any necessary comments in order to facilitate their interpretation.

Training Exercises on a piece

Each exercise is designed to meet specific application needs. The number of exercises available, and then steadily increased. Metrostaff is going to give answers to its customers through application examples built on the piece training in order to ensure the dissemination to all users of ARCO of such experiences.

Are reported here following some exercises that can serve as an example:

- RPS Alignment

- Report Generation

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