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ricerca1MORPhological Enhanced Optical Sensor

Morphological Enhanced Optical Sensor (funded by MURST, Italian Ministry for Scientific and Technological Research). The subject of this project is the development of a close range triangulation-based stripe laser sensor together with needed support software libraries for the integration into a modern dimensional metrology software. Placing this sensor on the probe head of an arm of a Coordinate Measuring Machine enables the user to collect a vast number of points onto a known model for inspection purposes as well as onto an unknown model for reverse engineering purposes. We designed the optical setup in order to satisfy proper requirements and developed a number of libraries to support sensor management, data handling, probe head calibration and interface with metrology software. We also extended capabilities of the geometric engine of our metrology software in order to support the high data rate of this kind of sensor

WAMS (closed)

Wireless Advanced Magam System (funded by FESR, European Fund for Regional Development). This project is devoted to the evolution of the MAGAM system (see next chapter for the description of the MAGAM system) with new concept optical sensor (CMOS detector) and a wireless link with the host PC. An air-connected high resolution graphical display is also integrated in the system.

IPROMES (closed)

Using Image PROocessing as a MEtrological Solution (funded by EC). The IPROMES project aims at developing relevant photogrammetry and image processing techniques to perform positioning during the assembly phase and to complete the final measurement control in the aeronautics sector. The development of these innovative optical solutions will enable end-users to obtain direct measurements without specific instrumentation. Consequently, the use of the sensors leads to a new concept of a frame that will only support the parts to be controlled and the cameras


The subject of this internal project is the development of a novel and secure web based system for the delivery of software license codes for customers and distributors.

HEOL (ongoing)

Target of the project:
The target of this project is the realization of an innovative product able to monitoring the quality control and the integration of the process. All these features will be monitoring by a web connection

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