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Arcocad Graphics

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Inte1graphicsgrating a graphical environment in ARCOCAD Quick

When the graphic support is needed without the use of a CAD model the ARCOCAD system can be extended with the Graphics version. With the integration of graphical capabilities in ARCOCAD Quick everything already described for the ARCOCAD Quick version is still available to make the inspection process efficient.
In addition, the use of visual selection is available to help the operator both in the choice of the construction elements and the creation of graphical reports.





arcocad_graphics2Machine volume and probe representation

The graphic area displays the machine configuration. The probe is represented, by size and direction, in the actual position within the machine volume. Probe movement is updated in real time. The safety positions could be graphically set during programming, using a handle




arcocad_graphics3Representation of the measured geometrical elements

Every measured feature is shown in the graphic area and made available for geometrical constructions or for the graphical representation of their associated form error.



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