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 magam-introFlush and gap measurement


02-magam-upandrunningMagam in action (1)

The inspection of flush and gap represents a very challang and important operation for several industrial fields, particularly automotive and aeronautical applications. Magam is a very innovative technique, which provides a complete solution to this specific requirement.The system is composed of a manual instrument incorporating a video camera and two laser sources connected to a portable PC via a direct cable connection.





06-magam-upandrunningNo physical contact with the surface

Magam in action (2)

Magam is essentialy based on optical principles and does not involve any physical contact with the surface: the laser sources produce two parallel beams that are detected by the video camera and processed by the software. The measurement is therefore objective and independent of instrument's manual orientation. Magam can be used on metal surfaces of any colour, rubber, plastic and also transparent materials treated previously with opaque spray.

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