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Winmeil Plus

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winmeil1Winmeil Plus

WinMeil Plus is a mature, well devloped product that can be enhanced based on user requirements. It makes the complex task of dimensional inspection simplified by utilizing an easy man-machine dialogue language. It also provides the ability to perform both point-to-point (on DCC machines) or continuous path scanning (with manual machines only). The results of scanning tasks are displayed by Cad-Up Plus, which also performs probe radius compensation (for 2D and 3D scans).


Intuitive and simple


Through the use of graphics and simple menus the user interface is effective, user friendly and fast to learn. WinMeil Plus runs in the Windows environment and takes advantage of multitasking capabilities by being able to exchange data with multiple sources or applications.The user interface has been developed starting from some basic assumptions:In order to operate in extreme environmental conditions the system can be run with or without the use of a mouse. The user interface was designed to enable a user to clearly see and utilize menu options from long distances away from the screen.
Software functions are accessible to the user through use of multifunction keypad. This simplifies user interaction with the system, expecially on larger machines. Skilled programmers can always bypass the menu system and enter advanced code into programs at any time. The part program is saved as an ASCII file making it available for editing by any text based editor (i.e. Windows Notepad).

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