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Since 1998 Metrostaff core business was the development of innovative technology in the area of Dimensional Metrology.

The Company was involved in several National and International Research Projects, resulting either in prototypal systems or in ready-to-market products

The strong orientation to research and a sound expertise of the team in the field of computer graphics, computational geometry, geometrical modeling, optimization algorithms and software engineering, results today in a proprietary technology which constitutes the core of several commercial applications and allows the Company to provide on-demand advanced solutions to many a problem in a wide range of areas, like bio-technologies, automotive and aircraft industry.
Our efforts are targeted to make our software compatible with different platforms and fit for a wider range of areas.

Along the last few years the Company focused on  ARCOCAD development. Such software product is showing good sales results: 1500+ copies installed worldwide.

Metrostaff created a new Sales Department to better promote and support its software products. A new sales division in Beijing (China) allows direct access to one of the world's largest and growing marketplaces. Our newly designed organization is aimed to enhance Metrostaff's growth and strength.


Corso Susa 242   10098   Rivoli (TO)  ITALY

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